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What Is a PRV & Do They Need to be Maintained?

Have you ever wondered how water pressure is the same throughout the different floors of an apartment or condominium building? If you want to have good water pressure on the top floors, wouldn’t that cause much higher pressure on the lower floors? PRV’s (pressure reducing valves) are part of the plumbing system and help control ...

Did You Play the 2016 ACMO Poop Toss Challenge?

A great big thank you to everyone who came out to our booth at the 2016 ACMO CCI-Toronto Condominium Conference to play the first ever Dacord Plumbing Poop Toss Challenge! We had a great turnout with more than 240 players, at times standing in line to see just how good they were at hitting the ...

We’re Thrilled To Announce Our Ticket Giveaway Contest Winners!

In our most recent newsletter, we invited our network to fill out our survey for a chance to win tickets to ACMO's 20th Annual Condominium Conference Pub Night and Dinner & Dance. We got a ton of responses, so a great big thank you to everyone that took a few minutes to tell us about ...

Introducing the Dacord Plumbing Poop Toss Challenge!

Whether you're 5, 25 or 65, toilet jokes are always funny. Did you hear the one about what Mr. Spock found in the toilet? The Captain's log! Anyway, back to business. Being the professional plumbing company that we are, we spend a lot of our time talking about toilets and all things related. But when ...