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Is a Slow Draining Toilet Slowly Draining Your Wallet?

Plumbing issues can come in all different shapes and sizes. Emergency plumbing issues are pretty easy to identify: they often include water shooting out of broken valves or pipes, or water soaking through a ceiling from a leak above. But some plumbing issues can go relatively undetected for months or years, costing you hundreds if ...

Are You Ready for a Plumbing Emergency? These 5 Steps Will Help!

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time and for many different reasons.  They can be caused by any number of things, from frozen pipes that burst to corroding parts to tree roots breaking through and blocking your main drain pipe. So, if you were to encounter a plumbing emergency right now, how prepared would ...

What Is a PRV & Do They Need to be Maintained?

Have you ever wondered how water pressure is the same throughout the different floors of an apartment or condominium building? If you want to have good water pressure on the top floors, wouldn’t that cause much higher pressure on the lower floors? PRV’s (pressure reducing valves) are part of the plumbing system and help control ...

The Difference Between a Backwater Valve and a Backflow Prevention Valve

Many regions and cities have policies regarding backflow prevention valves, or backflow preventers, as they are also commonly known. But what is a backflow preventer and is it different from a backwater valve? Here’s everything you need to know about backflow valves and some helpful information on whether you need them.   What is Backflow? ...