Backflow Prevention Systems

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Keep Your Water Supply Safe with a Backflow Prevention System from Dacord Plumbing

In order to ensure the continuous delivery of safe, clean drinking water, Regions across Canada have taken a proactive approach to back flow prevention and cross connection control. Many Regions have developed and enacted By-laws mandating their Cross Connection Control Programs¬Ě. These programs detail strict criteria under which property owners can connect to the water supply system.

Compliance to these programs is the responsibility of the property owner and can prove to be a complicated task as such, we are here to handle the process from start to finish.

Dacord Plumbing Ltd. is fully licensed, trained and equipped to obtain/perform:

  • Cross Connection Control Surveys
  • P.Eng. Plumbing Schematics
  • Permit Applications
  • Installations
  • Testing
  • Repairs and Maintenance

Having a representative on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Backflow Prevention Association (OBPA) we are at the forefront with developments in Backflow and Cross Connection Control.

Contract Dacord Plumbing Ltd. to ensure your facility is not only in compliance with the OBC, CSA B64 and the Purveyor’s requirements, but maintained to a level that ensures the delivery of safe drinking water to all.

Below is a list of services we offer in back flow prevention systems:

Service Residential Commercial Retail & Industrial Institutional
Installation & Repairs
Cross Connection Control Surveys
P. Eng Plumbing Schematics
Permit Applications

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