General Plumbing Services

Trust Dacord Plumbing's Expertise and Experience for All of Your General Plumbing Needs!

Dacord Plumbing is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of plumbing services. Whether you need repairs to an existing plumbing system or a complete new install, we can provide the services you need at a price you can afford!

24 x 7 Emergency Service

There’s no good time for plumbing issues to happen, but they usually come at the worst times! A burst pipe, a leaking sink, broken boilers – these are all common issues that can cause you worry and stress. Dacord Plumbing provides 24 x 7 priority service to emergency issues to help take the load off your mind.

If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency, we can help!

Plumbing Repairs

If you have an existing plumbing system that needs repairs or maintenance, we can help. From the smallest needs to repairing or replacing bathroom or kitchen fixtures to complete replacements of risers in a high-rise apartment building, we have the knowledge and experience to do the job right!

New Plumbing Installations

Not only can we repair or replace existing plumbing but we can install an entirely new plumbing system. We work with a number of general contractors on installing the complete plumbing system in a new building, or plumb in a new kitchen or bathroom renovation.

As the demand for back flow prevention systems continues to grow we can integrate a new back flow prevention system into your existing plumbing system to protect your clean water supply.

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Below is a list of the general plumbing services that we offer:

Service Residential Commercial Retail & Industrial Institutional
Emergency & After-Hour Service
High-Pressure Drain Cleaning
Water Main Repairs & Replacements
Electric Drain Machines
Power Flushing
Hot Water Heaters
Septic Systems
Grease Interceptors
Catch Basins
Fixture Repair & Replacement
Backwater Valves
Bathroom & Kitchen Renos
Radiant Heating
Boilers (Steam, Modulating & Hydronic)
Main Shut-Off Valves
Heating Mains, Risers
Air Conditioning Fan Coil Units
Riser Repair & Replacement

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