Video Inspection Systems

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Take the Guess Work Out of Your Plumbing Repairs with Video Inspection Services from Dacord Plumbing

There can be many reasons for problems with your pipes. Tree roots are one of the more common issues for residential properties, blockages are more common with commercial, retail and industrial properties. Also, pinpointing the exact location of an issue can be difficult, and guessing where the problem is and getting access to where the problem isn’t can be time consuming and expensive.

Professional Video Inspection Services

Dacord Plumbing offers full video inspection services. We use a specialized camera system that is inserted into your pipes from an easily accessible access point. The camera system is slowly inserted, allowing our skilled technicians to see what is happening inside your pipes. When we find the problem, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what the cause of the problem is and what the best course of action is. We’ll also pinpoint the exact location of the problem so that you can go straight to the problem without guessing. And, if it’s a plumbing related problem, we offer a full set of plumbing services to make sure that the job gets done right!

Our video inspection equipment can also be used to examine the condition of pipes and drains and pinpoint any potential issues before they become real issues. If we find cracks in pipes or partial blockages we can help you devise a plan to address these issues before they affect your home, business, store or institutional facility.

Below are a list of services that we offer for video camera inspections:

Service Residential Commercial Retail & Industrial Institutional
Water & Sewer
High-Rise Domestic Water
High-Rise & Condo Stacks
Kitchen, Bath & Mains
Sump Pump Sanitary & Storm Drains
Septic Systems

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