Is a Slow Draining Toilet Slowly Draining Your Wallet?

Is a Slow Draining Toilet Slowly Draining Your Wallet?

Plumbing issues can come in all different shapes and sizes. Emergency plumbing issues are pretty easy to identify: they often include water shooting out of broken valves or pipes, or water soaking through a ceiling from a leak above. But some plumbing issues can go relatively undetected for months or years, costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A slow leaking toilet can be almost impossible to detect normally, but read on to find out how you can quickly diagnose if you have a slow toilet leak and what you can do to fix it.


How You Can Tell If You Have a Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet typically leaks from the upper tank into the lower bowl. The lower bowl only holds so much water, so as water is leaking from the upper tank into the bowl, the same amount of water is also overflowing from the bowl down the drain.

Here’s a quick and easy way you can tell if you have a leaking toilet: take some food colouring from your kitchen and drip half a dozen drops into the upper tank part of your toilet. Check back 15 minutes later and if the colour is visible in the lower bowl, you have a leaky toilet.

If you don’t have food colouring, you can use other coloured liquids that you might find in your kitchen like soya sauce or even pop.

And once you’ve tested whether your toilet leaks or not, remember to give it a good flush to clear out the toilet tank to make sure you don’t get any unnecessary staining.


How Much Can a Slow Leaking Toilet Cost?

Even though the water that a leaky toilet loses drains away slowly, the costs can add up fast!

A leaking toilet can lose as much as 200 gallons of water per day. In the average toilet, that is about 50 flushes. Imagine flushing your toilet twice an hour, each day, every day, for absolutely no reason. That’s a lot of wasted water!

Water prices in the GTA are about $0.017/gallon. A leaking toilet can cost a homeowner or a condo corporation $0.85 per day, or $310.25 per year.

That’s $310.25 of your money going straight down the drain every year!


The Cost of Leaking Toilets to an Apartment or Condo Building

If a single leaking toilet can cost as much as $310.25 per year, imagine the amount of water that gets wasted down the drain in a high-rise building like an apartment or condo building.

Even a modest building can have a couple of hundred units, and those units can have two or three toilets each, for a total of 600 – 800 toilets in a single building. Even if only a small percentage of those toilets are draining away $310.25 per year, that’s potentially tens of thousands of dollars of wasted water each year, and those costs could get passed onto the residents through condo or maintenance fees.

Let Dacord Plumbing Fix Your Leaky Toilet & Save You Money!

It isn’t expensive to fix a leaking toilet. Usually it can be fixed in a basic service call, potentially giving you savings on your water bill or condo fees for years to come. If you’ve done the simple test described above and determined you have a leaky toilet, give us a call at (905) 501 – 1953 or fill out the form on the right and we’ll send one of our experienced plumbers out to fix you up!

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