How In-Unit Plumbing Inspections Can Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Resident Satisfaction

How In-Unit Plumbing Inspections Can Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Resident Satisfaction

As the end of the year approaches, building property managers and owners are setting their budgets for 2017, thinking about how they can reduce operating costs and keep their residents happier. By proactively managing in-unit plumbing you could significantly reduce your operating costs and reduce the number of resident complaints.


What is an In-Unit Visual Inspection?

A visual inspection is when a plumber goes into the units and inspects all the plumbing in the kitchen, laundry room and any bathrooms. The plumber will assess taps, sinks, toilets, shower heads, valves, connections and any visible pipework, looking to see how well they work and if there are any leaks or signs of deterioration.

The plumber will not only look for existing issues, but for things that might soon become problematic, such as rust or other corrosion damage.

The in-unit inspections are coordinated so that the plumber is always accompanied by someone who works at your building like a security guard or property manager. Our plumbers never enter one of your units alone.

The plumber completes a report of what was inspected, issues that were found and how serious each issue is. The report includes a list of recommended work, prioritized by what needs to be done straight away and what can wait until later.

A copy of the report is left in the unit for the resident and a copy is given to the building property manager to be forwarded to the Board. The property manager can then follow up with the resident about work that should be done.


The Cost and Savings of Visual Inspections

There is an upfront cost for visual inspections but catching and correcting plumbing issues can deliver significant savings.

The cost of each inspection depends on how thorough you want the inspection to be. Having a plumber spend a shorter amount of time simply looking at the plumbing would be lower than including a more thorough camera inspection of the drains. Inspecting the drains might be well worth the additional cost in buildings that suffer from blocked drains that affect many residents.

The cost of a visual inspection also depends on how many units need to be inspected. The more efficient we can be at inspecting multiple units at a time, the more cost savings we can pass along to the property manager!

There are usually significant savings to be had by fixing plumbing issues in the units. Even a single faucet with a slow drip can waste hundreds of liters of water per year, and we have all seen much worse than one-drip-per-minute faucets!

When you add in multiple faucets, toilets, sinks, pipes, valves, connections and all the other plumbing hardware in a unit, and then consider that some high-rise buildings have hundreds of units, catching and addressing plumbing issues can save $50,000/year or more in some buildings.

These savings go straight to reducing the operating costs of the building and can be shared with the residents in the form of lower fees.

Proactively correcting issues before they become problematic means fewer calls to the building property manager to report issues, saving those midnight or weekend interruptions and giving your residents a higher level of satisfaction by dealing with issues before they become annoying problems!


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